Decided to take a video while flying this morning.
Best. Idea. Ever.


Reminder that this actually exists in our world

I’m gonna cry.

i just read this and thought “humans cant fly dont lie to me sir” then realised, airplanes. 

This is my bestfriend she’s gonna beat me in my own bed when she sees this @cheeks__xox
Ello Louie @noblegonz0 👊☺️
Lunch. I want food!
Chorus practice in a sauna 😣
My love for music is crazy



I was talking to my friend on the phone and then she almost got run over and i was obviously really concerned so i asked her if she was okay and after a moment she replied “there is a Jesus in the sky” in a really matter-of-fact sort of way
so obviously I thought something was seriously wrong butimage

omg please don’t bring this back
People are converting because of this post and I’m actually Jewish oh god I fucked up

Just gonna drink my tea. Goodmorning
Love seeing home from the bridge
Hi @chris61127 lol
Goodmorning to everyone on this lovely Sunday morning
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